Current Rates 
Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $150.00 required at time of enrollment
Supply Fee: $100.00 ( can be paid in 2 installments)

     Paying online will incur a $5 fee added to your monthly fee.

* tuition amounts listed below are based on a 9 month Auto Draft - please contact Director for assistance in setting up auto draft plan *

* Pay Per Month option available on our Forms & Payments page *
              Young Twos                Older Twos          Young Threes       Threes                 PreK4                      PreK4-5

          18-24 months            24-32months        32-36 months    3 years old       4 years old          4-5 years old

         Tues or Thurs            Tues or Thurs       Tues or Thurs  Tues or Thurs    Tues or Thurs.   Tues or Thurs                                                      
            $110                     $110                     $110           not available    not available     not available
         Tues & Thurs      Tues & Thurs     Tues & Thurs. Tues & Thurs Tues & Thurs  Tues & Thurs
          $220/month              $220/month            $220/month     $220/month        $220/month.       $220/month
                                          POTTY TRAINING STRONGLY ENCOURAGED   
                                                                       FOR 3'S AND UP
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