Current Rates 
Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $150.00 required at time of enrollment
Supply Fee: $100.00 ( can be paid in 2 installments)

     Paying online will incur a $5 fee added to your monthly fee.

* tuition amounts listed below are based on a 9 month Auto Draft - please contact Director for assistance in setting up auto draft plan *

* Pay Per Month option available on our Forms & Payments page *
Babies Class               Young Twos                Older Twos                  Threes                      PreK4                           PreK4-5

12-18 months   18-24 months    24-36 months    3 years old       4 years old          5 years old
by Sept.1          by Sept.1           by Sept.1             by Sept.1       by Sept.1           after Sept.1

Tues or Thurs   Tues or Thurs   Tues or Thurs   Tues or Thurs   Tues or Thurs    Tues or Thurs
$120/month      $120/month            $120/month        $120/month          not available          not available

Tues & Thurs    Tues & Thurs    Tues & Thurs    Tues & Thurs Tues & Thurs     Tues & Thurs
$220/month       $220/month       $220/month      $220/month    $220/month        $220/month

                                                                           POTTY TRAINING STRONGLY ENCOURAGED                                                                                                FOR 3'S AND UP
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